Las Morenas

A series following the Moreno sisters of Cabrillo as they find their destinies—and true love—at the turn of the century.

The Farmer Takes a Wife

She’d given up on love—until a handsome farmer surprises her with an unexpected proposal…

When her father becomes gravely ill, Laura Kemper sets aside her own dreams to nurse him, as a devoted daughter should. She buries her wants so deeply that not even she can see them. But an unexpected offer from a man too charming to resist unearths those dreams… and she might not be able to bury them again.

Marcus Gries fell for Laura the first moment he saw her. He’s been waiting for the perfect opportunity to win her heart ever since. And when he learns of Laura’s circumstances, he’s even more determined to wed her and make all her dreams come true—if only she would let him.


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Summer Chaparral

A marriage born in deceit can bloom into true love—or become the latest casualty of an ancient enmity…

Catarina Moreno only wants a few things in a husband: he needs to have his own ranch, be reasonably handsome, and, most importantly, must utterly adore her. Unfortunately her illustrious Old California family has higher standards—ones that Catarina fears no man will ever meet. But Catarina has no choice except to wait for the man who’ll gain her parents’ approval—until an American cowboy rides onto the rancho and tempts her to forget her duty… and herself.

Jace Merrill has always wanted one thing: a ranch of his own. When his powerful father cheats him of his inheritance, Jace strikes out on his own, determined to prove he’s his own man and the bonds of family are meaningless. After many years, Jace’s dream is finally within reach—as long as Catarina’s father never discovers Jace’s true identity… or how irresistible Jace finds his daughter.

Desire can’t be denied and soon Jace and Catarina find themselves in a shotgun marriage. But they’ll discover that ancient vendettas live long in Old California. They’ll find themselves battling old family grudges—and each other—to save a marriage neither wanted.


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Autumn Sage

A wounded woman, a deeply scarred marshal: the closer they grow, the closer danger comes…

A vicious attack has stripped everything from Isabel Moreno: her fiancé, her sense of security, and the life she’d always dreamed of. With the outlaw still on the loose, regaining peace of mind is impossible. Desperate to banish her fears, she agrees to join the hunt for the fugitive… even though the marshal investigating the case is the most unsettling man she’s ever met.

US Marshal Sebastian Spencer is as coldly determined as the criminals he tracks. He’s spent years perfecting his iron self control—perhaps the most important work of his life. Because when he unbends, things break. People bleed. But no one has ever tempted him to unbend as much as the fiercely brilliant Isabel. He plans to apprehend this outlaw in record time before he’s provoked into something he’ll truly regret… like falling in love.

When more than just one lone outlaw threatens Isabel, Sebastian must keep her closer than ever. They’ll find in one another a kindred soul—and each other’s downfall…


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The Sheriff Takes a Bride

A determined nurse resolves to bring a surly sheriff back to life, no matter how much he grumbles—or how attractive she finds him…

 Mary Margaret McCallahan is proud of her career as a nurse. It wasn’t easy for a girl from the slums to transform herself into someone respectable. Mae loves every aspect of her job save one—dealing with the handsome, gruff sheriff in her care.

Sheriff Joaquin Obregon sees no reason to change his short-tempered ways. After all, an outlaw’s bullet tore his livelihood away—he has nothing to be happy about. But his stubborn nurse won’t take no for an answer… and surprisingly, Joaquin finds himself wanting to say yes to her.

Joaquin can’t imagine reclaiming his life. Mae is determined he must. The battle lines are drawn—and only love can win.


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High Country Spring

She’s determined to never marry. He’s resolved to never love. But fate has its own plans…

Franny was born to rope and ride on the rancho she loves. But she can’t escape her mother’s attempts to lace her into the corset of propriety. So she makes one last grab for a grand adventure—and lands square in the path of the one man who’s never thought of her as anything but a pest.

Felipe is friendly and open to everyone he meets—and attached to no one. Loss has taught him that love can shatter a man. He’s spent half his life ensuring his best friend’s little sister never breaks her neck doing a man’s job. But when Franny stows away on a dangerous hunt for a cougar menacing the ranch, they are trapped together in the mountains of California… alone.

One long night by the campfire, the two crash into a passionate encounter and discover that familiarity can breed more than contempt. Much, much more. As their repressed desires dare Felipe to step from the shadows of the past, the two will discover how much they must risk for the one person they were never meant to love.


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Las Morenas: The Complete Series

All five Las Morenas books in one set—including three exclusive bonus epilogues!


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A Cowboy of Her Own

A contemporary Western series following a modern generation of Merrills and Morenos!

RancherBoss1textHer Billionaire Rancher Boss

She’s handed in her resignation—but this wealthy rancher has another position in mind…

In three months, Pilar Lopez will be free: free of the charity she’s always had to take from the Merrill family, free to live where she wants, free to be her own person. The secretarial job Benedict Merrill gave her five years ago has allowed her to support her younger brother and she’s indebted to the wealthy rancher. But soon her brother will be on his own and she’ll leave the tempting Benedict—and her powerful attraction to him—behind forever.

When she hands in her resignation, Benedict reveals plans of his own—ones that involve Pilar in his bed. She can handle a three month affair, no sweat. But when she starts to fall for Benedict, will she be able to handle loving him for always?


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BullRider2Text2Her Bull Rider’s Baby

Can one wild night in Vegas transform into a lifetime of domestic bliss?

Liliana Merrill learned to love the rodeo with her ranching family. Now heading their stock operations, she attends an event where she gets the ride of her life from the sexiest bull rider she’s ever seen. But one pregnancy test later, she discovers that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay there…

Up-and-coming Brazilian bull rider Adriano Silva has been careful to avoid entanglements during his time in America. The money’s great, the fame fun, and the ladies enticing, but he plans to head home once he’s won a championship. That is, until he gets a call from the one woman who tempted him like no other…

Lil is determined to raise their baby on her own. Adriano is resolved to be the father he never knew. He’ll show Lil he’s got what it takes to tame her—if she doesn’t tame him first…


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RancherBoss1textRescued by Her Fire Fighter

Trapped together in the wilderness, they’ll discover opposites don’t just attract—they ignite…

Professor Beatriz Schuler doesn’t waste time on blind dates or finding Mr. Right—and she definitely doesn’t do one-night stands. But she’s about to come face-to-face with the smoking-hot firefighter she broke all the rules with… And this time she can’t run off come morning.

Russell Cheng is always ready to swoop in and save the day, which along with his superhero looks, makes him the perfect firefighter. He readily agrees to take a professor on a wilderness research trip, but when she turns out to be the one-night stand who’s haunted him, he vows to get her back in his bed. And he’s not going to let her pull a disappearing act this time.

When their trip takes a turn into danger, Bea and Russ have to pretend to be married in order to survive. But as their pretend marriage begins to feel all too real, can their relationship move from fiction to fact?


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RancherBoss1textHer Cowboy Rival

There’s a thin line between lust and hate… 

Ana Chacon never much liked Luke Merrill, even if the arrogantly charming cowboy does make her heart race. From high school to adulthood, she’s wanted nothing more than to beat him at everything. Now that they’re running rival resorts, she can give her competitive instincts full rein—all in the name of business, of course.

Since she stole away his best employee, Luke doesn’t like Ana much, no matter that she makes his head spin. Things have always come easily to Luke—except Ana’s approval. But Luke doesn’t give up easily, and he’s determined to win her over. Or at least to negotiate a cease-fire.

When they’re forced to collaborate on a charity event, will Ana and Luke remain the worst of enemies… or could they become the best of lovers?


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ReunitedCowboyTextReunited with Her Cowboy

Five years ago, Joshua Merrill was a hard-driving, fast-living bad boy with only one good thing in his life: Leonora Harper. But one reckless night Josh’s actions shattered both their lives. Now he’s back and determined to prove he’s a changed man in every way—except for the way he feels about her.

Leonora has spent the past five years putting her life back together. Yes, her family hovers—smothers her, really—but it’s a small price to pay for all their help after her horrific injury. When Josh crashes back into her life, he tempts her to declare her independence from her family… and her allegiance to him.

They can’t stay away from each other, but their families are determined to keep them apart. Are Josh and Leonora simply repeating past mistakes when they rekindle their affair? Or is this their last, best chance at redemption?


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Always a Cowboy

Forever a Soldier (Book 1)

A wounded soldier searching for healing…

Hank Moreno returned home from combat not quite broken but definitely battered. His job now is to recover from his tour of duty and to keep a hundred-year-old house from falling down around his ears. No one calls, no one visits—just as he likes. But then one irrepressible woman invades his sanctuary, hunting the secrets hidden within.

A determined scholar searching for a legend…

Graduate student Lale Pehlivan is investigating a century-old mystery. Unraveling it will guarantee she becomes a star history professor. But one surly former soldier is guarding the family archives—and standing between her and the information she needs.

There’s no escape from the person destined to break your heart…

Lale launches a charm attack Hank can’t resist, and the sterling honor Lale finds beneath Hank’s surliness tunnels under her own defenses. But when Lale threatens to unearth Hank’s secrets along with those in the archive, their hearts might not survive the upheaval.

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Forever a Maverick (Book 2)

A farmer in need of water…

Ash Warner’s well is dry. Unless he finds a new source of water, his dreams of a flourishing farm will crumble to dust. He makes a last-ditch proposal to the one woman who can solve his problems—just as long as he ignores how she makes his blood sing.

A single mom in need of hope…

Juniper Gries might as well be drowning. Keeping her and her son fed and housed has gotten harder every year. When Ash proposes—her water rights for a fat check—Juniper sees her chance at a new life. And not even her attraction to her new husband will hold her back.

A convenient marriage that threatens to become something more…

The harder they try to keep everything impersonal, the deeper Ash and Juniper fall. Soon, they suspect this plot hatched in desperation might just be the marriage of their dreams…

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Forever a Heartbreaker (Book 3)

A famous cowboy searching for more from his hectic life…

World-famous Australian horse trainer Ethan Williams is used to being adored from afar. The trouble starts when his fans get too close, expecting him to be exactly like their fantasies. When he attends a wedding in America, he’s looking forward to some anonymous, no-strings-attached fun… but he never anticipated falling for the uptight wedding planner.

A no-nonsense woman entranced by a man she never expected to meet…

Ofelia Schuler was attracted to Ethan the very first time she heard his voice. Since she’ll never actually meet him, she’s perfectly safe indulging her obsession—after all, it’s only a harmless, secret crush. But when she unexpectedly finds herself face-to-face with the man himself, she’ll have to fight to keep from falling head over heels.

A secret crush that threatens very real feelings…

Soon enough, Fee has Ethan thinking of forever—and Fee agrees. But when her secret obsession comes out, can true love prevail in real life?

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Forever a Bad Boy (Book 4)

A bad boy in need of a good woman…

Being the bad boy of the freestyle motocross world has made Travis Green rich. The more dangerous the tricks—and the harder he lives off the track—the more the fans love him. But lately, the love of his fans isn’t enough, what he needs is the love of a good woman. And his best friend’s little sister, Evie Sanderson, is the best woman he’s ever known.

A good woman in need of a hero….

Evie has been attracted to Travis ever since she can remember—and has known he’s not relationship material for just as long. Besides, Travis has never thought of her as anything more than a sister. Until one day she notices Travis looking at her very differently.

Two restless hearts in need of forever…

When Evie’s brother goes missing, they team up to find him, finally giving in to the desire between them when they do. But will they be able to find love once the dust settles?

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